Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Time For Peace

Time for Peace Mix 

It's time, more than ever, for peace.
Listen this, reflect... Time for Peace.

Monday, 24 December 2007

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

happy bass caravan .lyrics

pens and half finished ideas i pack them for our trip,
new waves old plays sounds of distant days,
hit the gas as we flash to see a old friend , got to get the vital juices to send us around the bend.

you me agaist the world this feelings really new.
you and me go round the globe i think this love is true (repeat)

lets be trailor trash and forget just who we are,
its home sweet home for a while and im you shooting star,
got all the juices to go right around the bend,
got on the fluids and i hope this never ends cause

you and me agaist the world this fellings really new ,
you and me go around the globe i think this love is true.........

we are so free......we are so free

Elmore Judd 2007

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Tom Skinner radio 1 session

Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Electric Soup Volume I
All new original Elmore Judd Instrumentals

Volume II coming soon...

7" Single Label Design

Designed by Will Bankhead
Available at Honestjons.

Elmore Judd LIVE at Jazz Cafe!

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Monday, 10 December 2007


Desolate, abandoned ghost town first night. strange industrial structures, sprawling landscape, shop fronts with only a candle burning inside. no electricity no SOUP! we pass Africa's most unstable nuclear reactor on our way in the mini bus... 
Amazing distorted p.a system in first club we go. Open air, thick air... drums which BUZZ, fuzz, gasoline oil, DIRT. Played with Tony Allen, Scratch, Damon and local band high under big African skies...  
incredible levels of creativity everywhere, rhythm everywhere, junk yard orchestras, one string guitars, trance music from the bush, movement, expression of fertility and sexuality..MESSAGES TO THE ANCESTORS.! 
10 hour concerts, one song = one hour. The best colours at dusk, yellows, browns, blues. Children, children, children playing rattles whistles, rapping, dancing home made drum kits. A formless pulsating energy. denounce western concept of a jam session... this is a mutant jam. 3 different keys all at same time. HOT SWEAT...
Incredible beauty in amongst the ruin... KINSHASA, 2007.

CONGO TRIP 2007 inc. Tony Allen, De la Soul, Damon Albarn and Scratch

We are Elmore Judd



you and i have changed in all kinds of different ways ,
visions of the past haunt me on my lonley raft,
cause we are young and we are old,
float in a pool left awfully cold.

my heart is in my mouth are you going to leave me now,
lost and all alone and flying in this awkard zone.
all i do is right making sounds right through the night
reminds me of the past when the skys were over cast
i can thrive on pain if you steer towards my lane
i can run on hate if you care to contemplate
i prefere to love "angel sounds all above"
reminds me of the past look inside my looking glass

you and i have changed in all kinsd of different ways
visions of the past haunt me on my lonley raft,
haunt me on my lonley craft
haunt me on this lonley boat ,
just haunt my mind but keep me afloat, cause they keep me afloat cause you keep me afloat ...keep me afloat.

elmore judd.2007

Sunday, 9 December 2007



Electric Soup is GO!